The challenge

Being active every day has many social, emotional, intellectual, and health benefits for children.  

There are weekly prizes and awards up for grabs, however, the challenge aims to encourage your child’s unique fitness journey and helping them discover a lifelong love for being active. 

To particpate in the challenge, your child needs to log their walks, runs, or wheeling activities:

  • Primary school students: 20 minutes per week.
  • Secondary school students: 30 minutes per week.

Up to 4,000 student runners who log their runs throughout the challenge will receive free entry into the Perth Running Festival Burswood Park 4km Dash on Sunday 6 October, at Optus Stadium. It’s an amazing opportunity for your child to be recognised for their dedication and accomplishments in the challenge and to get a close-up look at WA"s spectacular stadium. 

Win prizes for running 

Your child will get a signed certificate from the Education Minister at the end of the challenge and have a chance to win weekly prizes throughout.

Each week, students who log their runs, walks or wheels, go in the draw to win a prize.

Some of the weekly prizes include:

  • Apple Airtags
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Fitbits
  • mini golf vouchers.

There’s a lot up for grabs!

Register for the challenge as a parent or carer 

Create a parent account and add your child to help them log their running.

On weekends or after school, lace up your child’s shoes and go for a run together. Enjoy the endorphins from being active! If weekends are busy, consider walking to school with your child one day a week.

Use the resources below to encourage your child to stay active.

Get ready for an exciting 9-week journey in the Education Minister's Running Challenge! Lace up and let's achieve fitness goals together!

Help children with their running

You play a vital role in helping your child develop a love for running and physical exercise. Here are some tips:

Join in together

To join in together:

  • Run, walk, or wheel together.
  • Discuss what your child enjoyed or didn’t like.
  • Ask about their progress, how they feel after running, or their favorite routes.
  • Share your own thoughts and experiences.
Make time for exercise
  • Set aside a regular time for physical activity. Find a suitable and quiet spot.
Be a role model
  • Try different activities like yoga, cycling, or pilates.
  • Share your fitness journey and what keeps you active.
Explore variety
  • Encourage your child to try various sports.
  • Follow local teams or watch the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics and Paralympics.
Join run clubs
  • Check local clubs where children can meet others who enjoy running.

These steps will help your child develop a love for physical activity in the Education Minister's Running Challenge!

Get support

If you need support with your account including how to create an account, change account details, log activity and more, refer to Parents and carers account support.